Do you follow Ban-the-Box laws?

It’s important to note that Ban the Box laws apply to employers, not employment screeners. But don’t fear! Where applicable, ScoutLogic  has incorporated Ban-the-Box requirements into its workflows. Depending on the location of the employer, candidate, and job, ScoutLogic’s platform will automatically apply relevant laws. For example, some Ban-the-Box laws, such as New York’s, require specific forms for the Adverse Action process. If you initiate adverse action for a candidate based in New York, or you’re a New York-based employer, these forms will be integrated into your adverse action workflow. However, please note that Ban-the-Box laws vary based on jurisdiction, and some requirements may apply to you as an employer before you initiate the background screening process. Be sure to consult with your legal counsel to ensure your hiring process is legally compliant in your jurisdiction.