Employment Credit Report

The Employment Credit Check reviews financial history insights, including notifications of bankruptcies, unpaid bills from collection agencies, credit and payment history records, and other credit inquiries made on the candidate.
  1. The results include some or all of the following information:
  2. Names and addresses of current and previous employers
  3. Notifications of bankruptcies
  4. Positions and dates of employment at current and previous employers
  5. A record of the individual's credit and payment history
  6. Any unpaid bills turned over to a collection agency
  7. Other credit inquiries that have been made on the candidate

Please note that an Employment Credit Report will not include the candidate's credit score.

The Employment Credit Check reports up to 7 years of history for credit information and up to 10 years of history for bankruptcies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What job functions should I be purchasing an Employment Credit Report for?

Typically you can check employees that are in financial institutions, managerial positions, or money-handling positions where financial fraud might be a potential risk. Scout Logic strongly recommends that you seek legal counsel to make sure you qualify to purchase Employment Credit Reports, as there are a handful of states with laws in place that limit the use of credit history in employment decisions. 

Can I buy a credit report without purchasing a background report?

No. You may only purchase a credit report as an add-on to a background report.

What laws do I need to be aware of in order to purchase an employment agreement?

Because laws for credit checks vary from state to state, Scout Logic recommends that you seek legal counsel to understand the laws that apply to you.

What is the process for when a candidate files a dispute against data in their credit report?

If a candidate needs to file a dispute against data in their credit report, please have the candidate contact Scout Logic.

Which credit bureau do you use for credit checks?

For Employment Credit Reports, we use data from TransUnion.

For the SSN Trace & Associated Counties search, we use name and address data from the three major credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

Will I get a score with the credit report I order on a candidate?

No, credit scores are not included with an Employment Credit Report.