International Education Verification

The International Education Verification screens US candidates who went to international schools. It will verify an applicant’s academic status of any educational level such as high school, college, post grad, etc. It may include institution name, dates of attendance, graduation/conferred date, degree obtained, major, minor, honors, awards, and comments. Each International Education Verification covers a single degree.  International Education Verification requires the candidate to fill out extra additional forms and provide extra forms of identification. All candidates will need to submit:
  1. Completed Application Form
  2. Completed and Signed Authorization Form
  3. A copy of the applicant's diploma/certificate

Note that many institutions in China require a copy of the diploma in the original language, as well as the translated version.

An education verification is conducted and charged per degree. Sources include educational institutions across a country. In some countries such as the UK, an education verification may require to contact Examination Boards and/or awarding organizations. These examinations boards are responsible for setting and awarding qualifications for secondary education level. Please note that these examination boards may require additional documentation and fees for education verifications. Name and title of the sources will be provided when applicable.  Please reach out to Support or contact your assigned Scout if you want to order.