International Employer Verification

The International Employer Verification screens US candidates who previously worked abroad. It may include employer’s name, dates of employment, position/title, eligibility for rehire, and comments. Each International Employer Verification covers a single employer.  International Employer Verification requires the candidate to fill out extra additional forms and provide extra forms of identification. All candidates will need to submit:

  1. Completed Application Form
  2. Completed and Signed Authorization Form
  3. Other documentation - Some employers may have unique processes for providing verifications that may include special authorization forms, experience letters, employment reference letters, etc. These additional requirements will be communicated at the time of ordering if the need for additional information arises with a specific employer.

Sources include Government agencies and employers across the country. In some countries, the records of former employees are not kept in a searchable form and contacting the supervisor or manager is normal practice. Name and title of the sources will be provided when applicable.  To process an International  Employer Verification, please reach out to Support or your assigned Scout.