Motor Vehicle Records Check

The Motor Vehicle Records Check (MVR) searches a given state's DMV to confirm if a driver's license is valid, as well as returning any driving-related violations and accidents. It will show the type of license the candidate has (e.g. Class C) and any endorsements, as well as any accidents that the candidate was involved in, even if the candidate was not at fault.  The Motor Vehicle Records Check typically returns results that span anywhere from 3 to 10 years, depending on the state being searched.  Each state charges a fee for access to their DMV records. For searches in Washington, New Hampshire, or Pennsylvania, the employer and the candidate will need to sign an additional consent form. 


The results tab for the MVR Check will display the following if an alert is found:

The MVR Check returns an alert when the driver's license is invalid, suspended, or if any driving violations are found. The information include consists of:

  1. Financial Responsibilities
  2. Sentences
  3. Accidents, including the number of vehicles, if the candidate was at fault, and if there were any injuries or fatalities.
  4. Violations and Suspensions