What is a 613 letter?

A 613a Letter is a letter sent from ScoutLogic to the consumer letting them know we are reporting criminal or other public record information on their report that was requested by an employer.

A 613 letter is more of a notification to the applicant that information was discovered during a background check.   In essence, this letter serves as a "heads-up" notification to the applicant/consumer.

Why did I receive a 613a letter?

An applicant will receive a 613a letter if criminal or other public information is being reported to the employer who has requested the report.  

What on my background check prompted the 613a letter to be sent to me?

A variety of information can be reported on your background check report.  We are more than happy to review your report with you or send you a copy for your review.  Feel free to email scouts@scoutlogicscreening.com and we can assist you with this.  

Will I not be considered for employment if I received a 613a letter?

ScoutLogic does NOT make any hiring decisions, but simply provides the applicant a 613a letter based on the results of the background check.  

What can I do about this?  Should I contact the employer and explain the situation?

ScoutLogic suggests if you feel that you would like to explain the results of the background check in more detail, you should contact the prospective employer directly.  ScoutLogic simply provides the 613a letter per the FCRA.